In 2002, when Donna and Bob Evers of Chevy Chase harvested their first grape crop at their Virginia weekend home, experts told them that the chardonnay and cabernet franc grapes must be picked early in the morning to keep them cool. The Chevy Chase couple took the advice seriously-and then some. They piled all the grapes into their SUV with the air conditioning running all night just to keep them chilled.

Donna Evers laughs at that now; instead of the SUV they have a temperature-controlled cold room that keeps the grapes cool. Taking on challenges isn’t new to Evers: She’s been in the real estate business for over 30 years and has established her firm, Evers & Co., as the largest woman-run real estate company in the area. But her latest endeavor, Twin Oaks Tavern Vineyard, may be her biggest challenge yet.
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