August, 2015

We bottled our wine at the end of June this year, and when we stacked all of our cases inside, I saw that we had an instant need to expand our workspace. So, time for a new addition! The work starts this week and we will be racing to finish the new workroom in time for harvest, when we will need every inch of extra floor space for the fermenting tanks.

Now we are busier than ever in the vineyard. Clay McFarren, my grandson who is also the vineyard and winery manager, and I have walked the vineyard and decided that in addition to leaf pruning, it is now time to pull the bird netting up to shield the vines from hungry birds and wild turkeys.

The leaf pruning means that we will pull off the excess leaves and expose the grape clusters to the sun, because now is when the sugar level begins to rise, and the grapes need all the sun exposure they can get to reach the right levels by the time we want to pick them, and that will probably be in late September.

As the grapes begin to get sweet, the birds and turkeys will swoop in and start eating, if we don’t put the nets up to protect them. It was pretty shocking to me, when I found out how much turkeys can eat and how well they can fly in and out of the electric deer fencing! These critters also travel in groups, so a whole convoy of them can sweep into the vineyard and eat and then fly away. Fortunately, after previous bad experiences with them, we got bird netting which allows the sun to shine on the grapes but keeps the turkeys and birds from getting them.

The scenery and the vineyard e are beautiful at this time of year, and watching the red grapes start to turn from green to red is part of the miracle of the vineyard. Those beautiful clusters were only bunches of flowers a little while ago, then small hard green beads, and now they are beautiful plump bunches of grapes that will soon be wine.

More at Harvest Time….

Donna Evers,
Owner and Winemaker
Twin oaks Tavern Winery