June, 2013

Our activity is now focused on the vineyard, which is pushing hard with luxuriant growth, and the flowers that turn into grapes have already come and gone. In France, the saying goes that harvest will occur “100 days after the flowers”, which would put us at the end of September, just about right. But, we are wary of the heavy and steady rainfall we have experienced for the past two months, because it is hard to fight fungus when we have steady rains. We need some hot dry weather, without intermittent thunderstorms, in order to have “a good year”. This goes for all of Virginia. We shall see.

Our other activities are focused on building and refining the processing, storage and public spaces we have at Twin Oaks. We just got through adding a barrel room and a new work room in the lower level of the Old Inn, where all the wine-making activity takes place. Now we are contemplating adding another space for our visitors on the lower level of our Wine Tasting Center, as well as a third deck, both with big views of the Shenandoah Valley, of course. Our guests enjoy drinking our wines and “drinking in the views”, both of which we hope are inspiring and liberating.

If you stop for lunch or dinner at Magnolia’s in Purcellville, be sure to order Twin Oaks Tavern Chardonnay, which is being served there by the glass. Or, order a bottle of Twin Oaks Tavern Norton! Our Chardonnay is crisp and mineral tasting, with a satisfying acidic finish, just right for the hot summer weather our Chardonnay vines need. The Norton is a big, dark red wine, with layers of smoke, cedar and tobacco and strong cherry highlights.


Donna Evers