September, 2012

Our chardonnay harvest happened fast, since we decided on the morning of September 1st to pick the grapes. The prospect of rain and overcast skies for the next ten days helped us make our decision. Next, we worked the phones and got family, friends, and agents from Evers & Co. to come out and give us a hand. With all that help we finished in record time and then, because we had the new miraculous crusher, we finished the job before dark.

As soon as we finished the chardonnay, Merlot grapes arrived the next day – Sunday morning! We crushed those and they are now happily fermenting along with the chardonnay. Our visitors got to help us “push down the cap” which I think is one of the more dramatic “show and tell” parts of making red wine.

The chardonnay is currently undergoing the second (malolactic) fermentation, and as soon as that process is done, we will rack the wine off the lees and put the freshly racked wine into the new barrel room, which we are hurrying to get finished. For those of you who have visited our cellar, the new barrel room was my former music room and my 170 year old square grand piano is now gracing the Twin Oaks Tavern Tasting Room.

Come and visit Twin Oaks and we will show you what’s going on. Wine tastes even better when you can see the process!

Donna Evers