April, 2014

We had a beautiful spring day for bottling and our whole crew showed up plus some volunteers, who were so very welcome. We had Scott and Clay, Jimmy and his son, Claudia’s daughter, Bill and his able crew, Barbie and Kim and Clare, our neighbor Baker, my Evers & Co agents and friends, June and Marcie and Marcie’s son Malcomb, and many others. Everybody really threw themselves into the jobs at hand.

The bottling van contains an assembly line that fills, corks, capsules and labels the bottles, then we box the bottles and label the boxes. Sounds easy, except that it isn’t. There is a poster from I Love Lucy showing Lucy and Ethel at the chocolate factory (you remember that all-time classic) and it is just the way we feel when we fall behind and the bottles just keep coming.

Our motto at the winery is “Get ‘er done!” and we did, at least most of it. In a week or so we will be serving our two new wines, Zinfandel and White Nights. The Zin is fruity, smooth and delightfully peppery and the white blend, White Nights, is a combination of Chardonnay and Reisling – pleasantly lemon-lime tasting and slightly sweet, with a long acidic finish. In addition to these new entries, we have our Chardonnay, Raven Rocks Red, Norton, Cabernet Sauvignon and summer Raspberry wine.

See you at the tasting room!

-Donna Evers
Winemaker and Proprietor