August, 2016

It’s the most exciting time of year, when we are headed for harvest. I expect a good harvest for all the grapes- Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc and Merlot, and we will pick in late September or early October.

Since we are at a higher elevation, our harvests run late and often take us into October, especially for the red grapes. Also, since we are close to big stretches of woods – the Appalachian Trail is below us- we are still battling with deer and wild turkey incursions. This year we installed extra temporary fencing for the months of August and September, when the grapes are sweet and so tempting for animals and birds.

My vacation this month took me to France and the Bordeaux wine country, where I had the opportunity to visit several vineyards and hear about their winemaking methods, as well as taste some excellent Bordeaux wines. The Pomerols were especially unforgettable, so I am happy to be growing both Merlot and Cabernet Franc-look for a second red blend in our future at Twin Oaks!

In September, I will conduct a pre-harvest vineyard tour for our Wine Club Members and guests who may be interested. We will discuss the development of the grapes, sugar levels and strategies for harvest and fermentation. Check our website and Facebook for time and date.

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Happy Autumn to everyone,
Donna Evers, Winemaker and Proprietor