Our Wines


Chardonnay 2014 – * Gold Medal *

$25 Bottle – $260 Case

This TOTW favorite is better than ever!…..with a crisp beginning, rich apple and pear fragrance and depth, vanilla center and long, zesty finish.


Vidal Blanc 2014 – * Gold Medal *

$25 Bottle – $260 Case

Medium bodied white wine with tropical fruit flavors and aromas of melon, pineapple and passion fruit with a creamy honey center and crisp acidic finish.


Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

$24 Bottle – $255 Case

Full bodied and deep red, with just enough tannins and acidity, this wine has rich flavors of cherry and blackberry with a touch of green pepper. Great with steak, lamb and venison.


White Nights 2013

$23 Bottle – $250 Case

This Chardonnay-Reisling blend has floral aromas and a honey center with a tangy lemon finish. It has interesting depth and pairs nicely with spicy summer cook-out menus.


White Nights 2014

$23 Bottle – $250 Case

Chardonnay-Reisling blend has a luscious honey center, lemon lime finish and interesting depth – a great summer wine!


Raven Rocks Red 2014 – * Silver Medal *

$24 Bottle – $255 Case

Our signature red Bordeaux-style blend is medium bodied with a plum nose, spicy plum flavors and a smooth, mellow finish. It pairs well with most foods to be a top choice dinner wine.


Norton 2015 – * Gold & Silver Medal *

$25 Bottle – $260 Case

Dark and rich, our award winning Norton has aromas of smoke, cedar and cherry, with rich “jammy” cherry flavors. Pairs well with steak, lamb, venison and duck.


Peach Wine

$22 Bottle – $230 Case

Peachy keen, this crisp dry fruit wine offers subtle peach flavors on the nose and finish. Serve it over vanilla ice cream.


Raspberry Wine

$22 Bottle – $230 Case

This exciting wine has a strong raspberry flavor and aroma, beguiling pink color and a bright, tart finish. Mix it with sparkling wine for a new and different mimosa.


Mulled Wine

$8 Glass

Our wines warmed up with spices, cinnamon and sugar…..a sure cure for beating chilly weather. Sure to instill a rosy glow.


Seasonal Specialities


Spice Wine Chiller

$8 Glass

Cool off with our own blend of Zinfandel, Raven Rocks Red, mulling spices, cinnamon and sugar. This “frozen concoction” is so-o-o-o refreshing on a hot summer day. Savor and enjoy!!


Our Light Fare Menu !

Thank you for joining us at Twin Oaks Tavern Winery, thank you for trying our delicious wines & please take a look at our “Light Fare” Menu – a wonderful companion to our wines!

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Wines by the glass – $8 *** Full Wine Tasting – $12 —

— All Wines

White Wine Mini-Tasting – $6 —

— Chardonnay, White Nights ’13, White Nights ’14 & Vidal Blanc

Fancy Fruits Mini-Tasting – $5 —

— Peach, Raspberry & Vidal Blanc

Red Wine-Tasting – $6 —

— Cabernet Sauvignon, Raven Rocks Red, Norton & Mulled Wine


*** Glasses are the property of Twin Oaks Tavern Winery and are for sale for $6 each.